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Beach Winters

Beach Winters

Have you ever gone to the beach in the winter? Most beaches are always packed full of people in the summer, but in the winter it turns into a ghost town. I feel as though I'm on a private beach in the winter because I'm usually the only one around. There is something so calming and peaceful about being on the beach in the middle of winter. I also gotta state the obvious which is the frostbitten fingers can't feel my own face moments too. I'm originally from Florida so I've never really been able to dress for the cold weather. Each year I make improvements to my winter wardrobe, but I'm at the point where pretty soon I am just going to be covered from head to toe in a snowsuit. As long as I'm unrecognizable, I don't care. If I see someone I know, I'll be running in the opposite direction.

One of if not the biggest reason to go to the beach in the middle of winter is all the things you can find that have washed up on shore. I have found the best pieces of my sea glass and lobster buoy collections on the beaches in the middle of winter. I usually end up finding the best weathered and colors of sea glass during low tide. One time I found a piece of sea glass with the words "Whiskey" on it which I thought was pretty cool. I've also been lucky enough to find purple and blue pieces of sea glass that have been tumbled by the winter surf. Seashells are always abundant, i love the texture and colors on the scallop shells and mussel shells. I used to make decoupage clam shell jewelry dishes about 12 years ago and would always collect my clamshells on the beach in the middle of winter. I had to because usually I was filling wholesale orders for them.

Sometimes it's just way too cold (today for example, it's below 0) and I just can't be bothered to get out of the car when I get to the beach. I'd rather be inside with the heat blasting, usually I bring a cup of tea or coffee to sip on and I'll just stare at the waves. There is something so mesmerizing about watching the wave sets come in especially during high tide. Every once in a while I will see a surfer out there just bobbing up and down hanging out. I think it's crazy, but if you are that passionate about surfing and the cold doesn't bother you then why not. You won't see me doing that, but I am slowly working up the courage to participate in the New Years Day Polar Plunge next year.

Those are just my ramblings about Beach Winters for you. You should take a walk on the beach on a cold winters day. I think you'll find it both exhilarating and it just might help you get your beach fix, at least until the warmer summer weather gets here.

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