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Beach Rope Bracelets

New Product - Rope Bracelets

I am a big fan of marine rope. I want all the colors in all the different sizes. I can literally spend hours at Hamilton Marine walking up and down the rope aisle section admiring all the different colors and nautical designs. I've been wanting to make a beach sand rope bracelet for a really long time, but I could never figure out how I was going to attach it to the sand charm. I let this design idea brew in my brain for about 2 years and I finally have the finished product. I think it's absolutely stunning and I hope you do too!

I could go nuts buying all the different rope colors that are available at Hamilton Marine, but I decided to just pick the classic nautical colors for right now. I think my favorite rope color for this Rope Bracelet Collection is the navy blue. For some reason I am always attracted to the darker colors and navy is one of my favorites. I also chose silver plated brass for the metal portion of this rope bracelet. It's as strong as stainless steel, but a little more affordable. I have a hard time creating a piece of jewelry and selling it for over $100, I think that is just crazy ridiculous. Unless it's solid gold or platinum, nothing should cost that much. I hate that the price of metal keeps going up. I don't use sterling silver because it tarnishes too much. I love my jewelry, but I don't want to have to polish it and clean it all the time before I wear it.

This rope bracelet is not adjustable. It's a one size fits most and I am making them very snug right now. I don't want them to move up and down on your wrist because that would be super annoying. The marine grade rope does have the smallest bit of stretch to it. If you are concerned about the sizing in any way, send me a quick note with your wrist measurement. I'll be able to make these rope bracelets custom to fit your wrist. Each rope bracelet is made by hand by yours truly so I can pretty much make any adjustment you need. These beach sand rope bracelets are now available to purchase online. Click here to order your beach sand rope bracelet.

I like beach bracelets. I seem to create and make more new beach bracelet designs each year than any other jewelry collection. I have no idea why because I love earrings, necklaces, and rings just as much. I guess for some reason a rope necklace with a sand charm doesn't quite have the same creative excitement for me as a bracelet does. Who knows, maybe you'll see me posting about a rope necklace soon. I never really know what I'm going to create until I have that lightbulb moment and have all the materials sitting in front of me. I am and will always be a jewelry artist. And a beach bum. Can't forget beach bum.

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