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  1. Beach Bar Earrings

Artisan Sand Jewelry

The Artisan Sand Jewelry Collection was created so we could hand forge our beach sand jewelry creations. This artisan beach sand jewelry has more of an organic feel to it. We took to the beach for our inspiration and studied how irregular the lines and shapes in the sand and the water are. Modern sophistication best describes this artisan beach sand jewelry collection line. Most of the metal that we use for our Beach Sand Jewelry Artisan Collection is either made from stainless steel or sterling silver. Our artisan beach sand jewelry is always nickel and lead free.  You can choose any beach from our sand collection and you can also send us your own sand and we can create your own piece of beach sand jewelry. If you don't see a particular style that you are looking for, we can always custom create your special piece of jewelry using beach sand. Each piece of beach sand jewelry is handmade just for you which makes it unique and one of a kind.

Our Artisan Collection jewelry line is the perfect way for you to wear your favorite beach. We create jewelry from the beach sand that your toes step into.  The beach memories that you hold close to your heart make our beach sand jewelry artisan collection very sentimental. After you choose your artisan jewelry style, let us know which beach sand you would like to use. It will surely become your favorite piece of beach sand jewelry ever and it's the perfect way to remember your beach moments!

In addition to our Artisan Collection, we also have created an Classic Beach Sand Jewelry Collection as well as a Boho Beach Sand Jewelry Collection. We have many styles of jewelry to select from that you may like as well from these other two collections that we offer.

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