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Beach Sand Jewelry Wholesale


Beachdashery Wholesale has been discontinued as of 08/01/2021...

 We've reached out and sent emails to all of our wholesale customers to let them know that we are discontinuing the wholesale side of Beachdashery. In case you didn't receive an email or it went to spam, please read below.......

After 12 years of selling our products wholesale to small businesses, I have decided the time has finally come to stop selling my jewelry for wholesale. It definitely wasn't an easy decision to make. The biggest factor that helped make this decision was the increase of sales from our website. The pandemic has been devastating for brick and mortar businesses all over the country. Shopping habits for our customers have changed drastically during this time. Online shopping is taking center stage right now more than ever. My staff of a few people dropped down to just me, myself, and I. For a while I was juggling everything and trying to make it all work. It's been a year and a half and I've decided that I can't keep it up any longer. 

I will miss all the cherished relationships that I have formed with shop owners over the years. Thank you for supporting Beachdashery. I wish all your shops the best of luck through this time and hope you have a successful holiday season!
    **Thank You**
    Kate Nuki, Beachdashery