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Beachdashery is a jewelry line that is inspired by the sand and the sea, founded by Kate. She started making beach sand jewelry back in 2004, the very first person ever in the USA.  Kate created sand jewelry because it was different and unique. As a native Floridian and natural born artist, she came up with a way for people to wear their beach and keep their happy place with them always. 

Each piece of beach sand jewelry that she creates is one of a kind.  Kate works with stainless steel metal and uses glass on top of each piece of beach sand jewelry. Her handmade process captures your beach sand forever.  All beach sand jewelry also includes a hand illustrated card designed by Kate specifically for your beach. 

Kate believes that your stories and moments from the beach are best told through the gift of her beach sand jewelry.  She wants the beach sand jewelry to be meaningful and sentimental  for you and reflect your own personal style.  She hopes you love this beach sand jewelry as much as she does!

About Kate:

Kate is originally from Florida and grew up on the beach. She spent every day after school collecting shells and playing in the sand.  As she got older, she made her way to Maine and in her spare time taught herself how to make jewelry using materials found at the beach such as sea glass, sand, and seashells. Customers fell in love with the sentimental nature of capturing sand from their favorite beaches to wear all year long.  Her original beach sand jewelry became a perfect way to share these special memories of the beach.  

The beach has always been a place that is very sentimental to her heart.  She's been growing her jewelry brand and beach sand collection ever since.  She is fearless, creative, and embodies her free spirit. Every year, she escapes the frigid Maine winters to travel the beaches all over the country and collects beach sand wherever she goes.


About Kate

About Kate

Our Story

It's hard to believe that it's been over 15 years since I started selling my handmade beach jewelry. When I started all I knew was how to make jewelry. No one ever tells you all the things you end up figuring out on your own when you start a small business. Linesheets...what are those? I remember a big buyer asking once if I shipped EDI and I had said yes thinking to myself I can barely print a shipping label, but I'd just figure it out later. I even thought a mobile shop would be such a great idea for craft festivals until I figured out I could only fit 3-4 customers in it. My white tent display could handle 12, but just didn't look as cool as my vintage travel trailer. Oh, the learning curves and all the hours making it work and trying to make sense of everything. All I can do is look back and laugh at myself for thinking how easy it would all be. Here's a little history below of the journey of my jewelry business and how I got here.