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Giving Back

Ocean Maine Landscape Beachdashery


Without the ocean, I wouldn't be able to make beach sand jewelry.  The ocean is 100% responsible for creating beaches.  Without the ocean, there wouldn't be any beaches.  The waves deposit sand and gravel all along the shoreline. Beaches are created from these rocks and pebbles and  over time, the waves smooth these rocks and pebbles and create sand.  If you collect sand, look around at all the rocks and local geography.  It's what your sand is made up of.   Beachdashery is committed to doing everything we can to protect the ocean.  

There are so many charitable organizations out there that protect our oceans and beaches.  We carefully selected three charities that we feel best represent our core values: Friends of Casco Bay, Ocean Conservancy, and Surfrider. 

For every piece of jewelry that you purchase from us, we donate a portion to help support these organizations.  During checkout, you can select which charity we should donate to.  If a charity isn't selected, we will contribute a portion to all three.

Let's Make A Difference Together!