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Frequently Asked Questions

Beachdashery FAQ


Frequently Asked Questions at Beachdashery


Can I change the length of my necklace? Yes, all of our items are handmade and customizable.  Just send us a message in the notes during checkout to let us know that you would like a necklace lengthened or shortened.

Why don't you have sand from Hawaii and National Parks? It's illegal to collect beach sand from Hawaii and National Parks.  The entire island chain that makes up Hawaii are protected and the goverment has established a law. You are not authorized to take any sand or coral away from the shoreline. National Parks are also protected by the government. Additional reading can be found here. 

Can you make jewelry from my sand? Yes.  You can select any jewelry style found in our Custom Sand Jewelry Collection and place an order. Instructions for sending me your sand can be found in your order confirmation email.  

Do you offer any discounts for buying in bulk? Yes we do! If you purchase 6 or more of the same item, we provide an additional 20% off your purchase. Please enter the coupon code BRIDAL during checkout to receive this discount.


Can I change my order once it's been placed?  There is no way to change the order once it's been placed online.  However if it hasn't shipped yet, we can grab it before it heads to the post office for you.  Orders are shipped daily so make sure you contact us as soon as you can.

How long does it take to receive my order?  All jewelry is made to order. Nothing is sitting on a shelf waiting to ship. This is the expectation many customers have. When you place an order, I physically make your jewelry. It’s custom and made on demand.  If you are expecting next day shipping, please don’t place an order. All beach sand jewelry orders take anywhere from 4 to 7 business days to ship, depending on humidity and the weather. Please take this into account when placing an order, 

Where do I send my beach sand? If you placed an order and are sending in your own beach sand, my address is listed in the order confirmation email. **All the instructions for sending in your own sand can be found in the order confirmation email.** Please mail your sand asap so I can complete your order timely. If 30 days go by and I haven't received your sand I will fill the order with sand from my collection if it's available. If I don't have the same beach sand that you are sending in, your order will be cancelled.

Why was I charged immediately after placing my order? To get your items to you in an efficient manner, your credit card is automatically charged when you place an order. If an item you’ve ordered is out of stock, you’ll be issued a refund for that item and shipping charges and taxes will be adjusted accordingly. Please review your order carefully before submitting your order.

How do we process your order?  ALL OF OUR JEWELRY ITEMS ARE HANDMADE AND IT TAKES US 3-4 DAYS TO MAKE YOUR SPECIAL PIECE OF JEWELRY :) As soon as we complete your jewelry item, we package the item and ship it out via the shipping option you chose during checkout.  Most orders are shipped within 24 hours AFTER it's made with the exception of weekends and holidays.  We are not responsible for postal delays or undeliverable items from the shipping carrier.  If your order is a special gift, we strongly suggest that you upgrade shipping to UPS Ground or Fedex. 

I was immediately refunded after placing an order, what happened? If you received an immediate refund after your order was placed it's because your order was flagged as being fraudulent. All suspicious and fraudulent orders are immediately cancelled and any payment made is refunded immediately. You will receive an automated email to confirm this. 

What is your policy re: custom jewelry orders? After placing an order for custom jewelry where you are required to send in your sand, in the event your sand is NOT received within 14 calendar days, your order will be cancelled and 50% of the order is considered a non-refundable deposit. I love when people send in their sand and I can fill their jewelry order. I don't like it when customers place an order and don't follow through with sending in their sand. I get charged transactions fees, time is spent following up with you re: your order, and I keep your order open and hold space for processing it. I understand that life happens and maybe as a customer you forget or aren't ready to send in your sand. If you aren't going to send in sand or aren't ready to, PLEASE DON'T PLACE A CUSTOM JEWELRY ORDER! I only want to work on orders that I'm able to process.


How do I clean my jewelry?  Click here to learn about the metals we use and jewelry care.

Is it bad to swim with jewelry? Depends on the kind of water you are exposing your jewelry to. Our stainless steel pieces are pretty resilient and can handle saltwater, chlorine, etc. Sterling plated pieces should not be worn in the water.

My jewelry has broken and needs repair, what do I do? We will be happy to fix your jewelry. We charge 50% of your retail (non-sale) jewelry item price to fix it (For example, if you purchased an item and it was $28 and perhaps you paid $24 because it was on sale, we will charge you $14 plus shipping to fix it for you.) Please make sure you send an email and provide your order number.  We are unable to help you without your order number.  Upon receiving your email, we will send you an invoice with your repair listing for you to purchase online.  


Do you sell just your beach sand? No I don't. I only collect a few tablespoons of beach sand which is a lifetime supply for me. 

Can I collaborate with you?  Yes!  I collaborate with other jewelry designers and am always excited to join forces with other creative folks out there.

Do you offer wholesale? No we don't have time for wholesale anymore. Brick and Mortar stores have been through the worst due to COVID-19. Shopping habits have changed and most people have embraced online shopping instead. Brick and Mortar shops are NOT authorized to sell our products online.