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Beach Sand Collection

I have no words, we are very behind with listing all of our new beach sand on our website.  It's a project that is going to take us a few months to get through.  2017 has been an incredible year and we have received over 1,000 beaches in just a few months.  It's crazy madness in our studio at the moment.  I am very hopeful to have all of our sand 100% completely listed by the end of the year.  Make sure that you are subscribed to our email list so you can keep updated on our progress.  This is a monster project for us to get through.  

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Mobile Shop for Sale

  I'm so happy to have a storefront in the Knightville neighborhood of South Portland, but that comes with some pretty sad news.  The super cool vintage travel trailer that was our mobile shop is being neglected each day sitting in the driveway.  I've got the best memories of getting it into a storage unit so it could be fixed up for SOWA handmade shows in Boston.  It was my everything and I enjoyed every moment that I got to spend in it. Enough sappy memories and onto the facts and sales information for anyone who is interested. It's a 1969...

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Beachdashery Party

Our new Beachdashery retail shop is set to open on April 7th.  I am very excited!  It's a great space and I'd love to welcome you to our soft opening party on April 7th starting at 4pm - 7pm.  Music, drinks, and snacks will be provided and we'd love it if you could join us.  

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Columbia Travel

We just returned from Columbia and had an absolutely great time.  Amazing beaches, perfect weather, delicious food, what more could you ask for when you go on vacation.  Here are a few Beachdashery recommendations if you ever plan on taking a trip to Columbia.

Cartegena is stunning.  The historic part of the walled city is incredible and worth going to.  Almost all of the buildings have huge doors with very large door knockers displayed on the front.  Apparently back in the day, the door knockers used to symbolize what the family did for a living years ago.  A fish door knocker symbolized that the family were fisherman, lion door knockers were teachers, lizard door knockers were royalty, and so forth.  It's a pretty cool culture.  Here are a few pictures of some door knockers that I saw.

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Beachdashery Maine Made Retail Shop

I'm very excited to announce that Beachdashery is growing and expanding our retail business.  For years, we have had our own make shift jewelry shop located in our studio somewhere between our shipping department and break room area.  Imagine some fold up tables with a pile of jewelry dumped on it in a very pretty way.  It wasn't ideal, but it worked for a little while. We will now be opening our own little retail shop on Ocean Street in South Portland, located in the heart of the Knightville neighborhood.  I couldn't be more excited for this new chapter of our business.  It's the perfect location on South Portland's waterfront.

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