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Lobster Buoy Collection

I am a Collector

As I sit here at home during COVID lockdown surrounded by all of my things, I end up thinking about some things. One of those things is at what point do you consider yourself to be a collector or a hoarder. Who needs 40 random candleholders that I've collected from over the years. My home is filled with small wooden tables that I have to buy each time I see one because I have a small wooden table collection. If you walked into my home right now and picked something up, chances are it is a part of a collection that I currently have.

I've been collecting objects my entire life. It all started with little bear figurines that you would find at the craft store. Throughout my childhood, I always had to collect a pin or keychain each time we visited a new state. Next on the list was postcards. Eventually I found my way to having a stamp collection. I started getting into rocks so I had a gemstone collection. As you all know I started having a sand collection. I'd fill jars full of sand and shells from the beach and label the outside of the jar. My collection fetish still hasn't stopped. I collect lobster buoys every time I walk the beach. They are all hanging off of my shed as pictured above. I collect candle holders. I collect blue and white dishes that are usually made in Japan. I collect depression glass because the colors are so pretty. I collect vases because one day my home will be filled with flowers. I collect art though mostly my own paintings. I collect baskets because you can never have too many baskets. I even collect plants because it's life and it makes me happy to be surrounded and feel like I live in a jungle. I have a reason to collect absolutely everything and anything.

At what point do I start to worry and start considering myself a hoarder versus being a collector? Do I really need 40 candleholders? Probably not, but there is something about each and everyone of them that I like and want in my life. Most people think because I live on the coast and make beach jewelry that my home resembles a beach house. I'm afraid it does not. My house is slowly filling up with things that are my treasures, but other people might think of as crap. It's tastefully done and definitely channels my bohemian beach bum lifestyle, that's for sure. I just have moments and worry sometimes if I've crossed over to the dark side of hoarding.

One day soon I will have to take another picture of all of my treasures so you can let me know if my collecting obsession is under control or not. I am not a minimalist, my home decor style is maximalist all the way. I love being surrounded by stuff. I watched a show where someone was surrounded by garbage and they had to have an intervention and it was crazy. I'm not going to let it worry me too much because I'm not at the point where I collect ketchup packets....yet. To all my good friends out there, please don't ever let me turn into a person like that. Thank you.

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