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Send Us Your Beach Sand

Custom Beach Sand Jewelry


Send Us Your Beach Sand for Custom Beach Sand Jewelry


We LOVE beach sand!  In our studio we have over 800 different beaches and are always receiving more daily.  Did you know that in the United States there are over 20,000 beaches according to the EPA.  That's a ton of sand!  For some more fun and interesting facts, click here to read an article on our blog.


If you have already collected sand and would like to send it us to us, mail it to:

Beachdashery Jewelry
82 Fessenden Ave
South Portland, ME 04106
If you don't have sand, but are close enough to a location to get are some tips.  Keep in mind that not all sand is the same.  If you are looking at the beach, the sand that is further away from the ocean and next to the grass is much more finer and lighter in color.  The sand closer to the water is darker and much more courser. Walk around and pick a really good spot. 
Here are some other more frequently asked questions we receive that might help answer your questions.
  • How much sand do we need?  Not too much.  A very small ziploc bag size with about a tablespoon of sand should do the trick for one jewelry item.  We have beach sand collecting kits, please don't hesitate to ask us for one.
  • Does it matter if the sand is wet or dry?  It doesn't matter at all.  Send us wet or dry sand, just make sure the little baggie you send it in is sealed.  I've received some packages from customers and the bag wasn't sealed and all of the sand spilled out of the envelope.  My mailman had a very sandy mail bag that afternoon.
  • Do I need to clean the beach sand before I send it to? DO NOT clean the beach sand at all.  Please send it to us untreated.  We've had some customers wash beach sand...that's right, they washed it.  If you wash beach sand, you are dissolving the sea salt and other minerals that make up the beach.  Afterward the sand tends to be very dark and muddy and doesn't look good at all.  Sand is made up of mostly quartz and you don't want to wash away any of the minerals found in it.  We do sanitize our beach sand by putting it in the oven.  It kills the bacteria and any tiny organisms that might be living in it.
  • Is it legal to take sand from the beach?  That depends on the beach and where you live.  Some beaches and state parks are protected and you absolutely can't take sand away from them.  It is very harmful to the environment.  For example, it is illegal to take any sand from the beaches of Hawaii and Virginia.  Don't do it, you are breaking the law.  We do not create jewelry from illegal beach sand.  A good rule of thumb to follow is to ask your local city/town hall, especially if it's a state park.  Each time I collect beach sand, I always ask to make sure it's ok.  State and town employees are very friendly and informative. Please be conscience of your surroundings when taking beach sand.  Don't collect sand near wildlife or dunes, there is a pretty good chance that it is someones home and you are interrupting their day.
    • How long does it take to receive my custom beach sand jewelry?  After we receive the beach sand, it takes approx 3-4 days to make your jewelry.  We include a customized card with a picture and description of your beach, it's a perfect gift!  We work 7 days a week and are so excited to be working with new beach sand from you!
    I hope that helps cover your questions.  Any other questions, don't hesitate to contact me.