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Maine Polar Plunge

New Years Polar Plunge

I have all the respect in the world for people who go in the cold Maine ocean on New Years Day. I tried, I really did. The temperature of the water was 45 degrees that day. As an attempt to "get ready" I tried taking a cold shower. It was a no go! Cold showers are ok when it's 90 degrees outside,...
Woven Tapestry

My New Hobby

Did you know that I love yarn? I love yarn so much that I collect it, but here's the sad part. I don't know how to knit. I've tried, I really have, but I just couldn't get into counting stitches or remembering if the needles go over or under the stitch. It was too complicated for me. I even bough...
Sea Colors

Sea Colors

Do you ever stop to take a moment and look at nature and think wow? Before COVID, I was always working way too much. So much that my mind was never really present. I was always thinking about the next thing I needed to do to cross off my business task list for the day. Don't get me wrong, I'm sti...
Lobster Buoy Collection

I am a Collector

As I sit here at home during COVID lockdown surrounded by all of my things, I end up thinking about some things. One of those things is at what point do you consider yourself to be a collector or a hoarder. Who needs 40 random candleholders that I've collected from over the years. My home is fill...
Tai Kitty Nuki


This is what happens when i'm supposed to write a blog post and i can't think of anything to write about. Consider yourself stuck having to look at a picture of my sweet and adorable kitty named Tai. He is a rescue from the Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland. I support them every month and ...
Collecting Beach Sand

Collecting Sand

I have it pretty good. I live a life where I am required to go to different beaches and collect sand. How many other people in the world can say that? For the most part, collecting sand is really fun and I really enjoy what makes up the sand. It can be a real adventure depending on the circumstan...