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new products

Oyster Shell Tee

New Product - Beach Tees

I had so much fun designing our Beach Tee Collection. All the beach artwork are my own drawings from over the years. I love to draw and always wanted to incorporate my artwork and do something with it. I sorta thought that I would make art prints or notecards using my drawings until one day when ...
Beach Rope Bracelets

New Product - Rope Bracelets

I am a big fan of marine rope. I want all the colors in all the different sizes. I can literally spend hours at Hamilton Marine walking up and down the rope aisle section admiring all the different colors and nautical designs. I've been wanting to make a beach sand rope bracelet for a really long...
Beach Candles

New Product - Beach Candles

Sooner or later, this was bound to happen. I love candles, especially beach candles. I have a beach brand so why am I not making beach candles? Hmmm...good question. I sat down with a piece of paper and began making a list of every beach scent that I wanted to make. Sun tan lotion fragrance, yes ...
Beach Bracelets made with Sand

New Product - Beaded Bracelets

I love my beach bracelets and beaded gemstone and sea glass bracelets. They have always been a favorite of mine to wear. I do believe in the healing properties of gemstones which is just another bonus to wearing them. These beach bracelets have been a labor of love to create. It took about 2 year...