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Jewelry Studio

The Jewelry Studio

March is all about "Meet the Maker" on social media. Allow me to introduce to you my wonderful and very spacious work space. This is where all the magic happens. I knew that I was going to take a photo of my jewelry studio today, but you should of seen it before. It's never this clean and organized and usually the top of the tables disappear and piles of metal and sand cover the entire thing. I thrive in a creative mess environment and have designed some of the best selling  jewelry this way. If you have ordered jewelry from me in the last year, it came out of my jewelry studio shown here.

My jewelry studio is my second home, it's where I live during the day. I should of taken a better photo because there are some things that you just can't see here. I have a huge picture window that looks out over my garden. I have bluebird nesting boxes and feeders scattered out there that I can watch all the time. My space is filled with huge glass vases of sea glass and seashells and driftwood. Every time I walk the beach which is almost everyday, I have to collect something and bring it home. I've started a new beach trash collection which sounds horrible, but it really isn't. Each time I walk the beach, I pick up plastic garbage and leftover rope that has washed up on the shore. The colors are really pretty. I go home and soak it in bleach to make sure all the bugs are off of it. It's my beautiful beach trash mess display. One day I will do something with it, but just not sure what it will be as of yet.

Did I mention that I should of taken a picture of my sand collection in this jewelry studio space. It's on the other side of the room. I keep all of my sand in clear plastic jars or ziploc bags depending on how popular the beach is. Each one is labeled so I can tell them all apart. It's really pretty to see them all together. I'll have to take another picture and make another blog post about it. I think you all would really enjoy seeing it. My sand collection keeps growing every day. I don't have a running total, but I must have over 5,000 different beaches being kept in here. I have some barn wood that are shelves that I need to cut in half and secure to the wall. The barn wood reminds me of driftwood because of it's aged look and I think I want to start storing my beach sand collection on it. I think it would help add to my inspiring work space.

There you have it, this is my jewelry studio space for my "Meet the Maker" post. Every square inch is being utilized to store jewelry materials. My comfy chairs help because I sit down for a majority of the day working on my computer. Once I get some tunes going, you won't see me for at least 12 hours until I get hungry. A girls gotta eat sometime :)

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