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Kettle Cove Maine

Kettle Cove Maine

I’m keeping it local for this blog post. Kettle Cove is one of those places where if you wake up early enough in the morning, bring a cup of coffee and you can watch the lobstermen start their day. The sea ducks and cormorants hang out on the rocks nearby. On the beach you can even see little sand pipers running along the shore with their fast little feet chasing the water. It is a picture perfect New England beach scene. I visit Kettle Cove in Maine often because I live about a mile away from it. Kettle Cove is one of my happy places.

During the summer months, Kettle Cove is perfect for watching the sunset. Lots of the locals take advantage of the beach and hire professional photographers to take the “annual family portrait” or have a “senior portrait” at the beach taken. Dogs are allowed, but only on a leash. The light in the evenings is beautiful and it’s the perfect place to relax after a long day. If you look hard enough, you can find sea glass, Maine sea shells, and even remnants of old float rope left from lobster traps. There is also a walking trail that leads you through the woods partly until you emerge onto the rocks for a picturesque view of the beach.

My fascination with Kettle Cove in Maine started when I was looking at the sand years ago and noticed some pockets of red sand mixed in there.  It was kind of unusual so I was thinking maybe it was iron or rust or a toxic chemical turning the sand that color. After extensive research and testing, it turns out that it is actual garnet mixed into the beach sand. I was fascinated by it. Garnet is a gemstone that is found in metamorphic rocks. If you’ve purchased Kettle Cove Maine beach sand jewelry from me, you’ll notice the sand is dark and red. Click here to see the listing for Kettle Cove beach sand jewelry. It’s genuine garnet that has been mixed in naturally from the beach. How cool is that?  Did you also know that the birthstone for January is garnet? See what I did there? Yup, January’s birthstone is garnet and my Favorite Beach for January is Kettle Cove which has actual garnet in the sand. 

If you’re local and reading this, I hope you visit Kettle Cove often and that your memories at the beach have been amazing. If you’re not local and are intrigued by Kettle Cove, it should be on your list of beaches to visit. When you get there, look for the sand that is near the grass toward the bridge walkway. Kettle Cove is located next to Crescent Beach Maine. If you’d like to read further about the sand, give this article a good read. I am a huge geek when it comes to beach sand and I really love looking at all of the sediment particles when I make beach sand jewelry. Enjoy Kettle Cove and make sure you look for the garnet sand.

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