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Beach Bracelets made with Sand

New Product - Beaded Bracelets

I love my beach bracelets and beaded gemstone and sea glass bracelets. They have always been a favorite of mine to wear. I do believe in the healing properties of gemstones which is just another bonus to wearing them. These beach bracelets have been a labor of love to create. It took about 2 years to get it right. It's my opinion that beach bracelets are the hardest jewelry style to nail down and get right. Wrist size fluctuates to much from person to person. Beach bracelets also put up with their share of abuse because lets face it, it's on our wrists which we use so much throughout the day. I know that I am constantly banging my wrist against something so my bracelets deal with lots of abuse. With this new product, I wanted to make sure that I got everything perfect. I wanted to make sure the beads would be perfect. I wanted to make sure the beach sand charm was the right size. I wanted to make sure the elastic that makes them stretchy would be strong enough and not break. There are so many details to think about when making these gemstone and sea glass beaded bracelets. They have been tested under the most extreme conditions are officially ready to wear and available to buy online.

For this bracelet collection I decided I wanted to make these beach bracelets using gemstone beads and sea glass beads. I think they both look beautiful. The gemstone beads that I chose are rose quartz, jade, lapis, white howlite, amethyst, and amazonite. The sea glass bead colors that are available are sea foam, aqua, teal, and cobalt. The beachy colors really help accentuate the beach sand charm. Let me know if you'd like to see certain gemstones or if I should make other colors besides the ones that are shown in the photo. I was researching gemstones pretty much just based on color, but you'd be surprised by how any different gemstones are available. It was overwhelming and I easily could of picked out 50 different kinds. I thought that might be a tad too many so I chose 6 to start off with. If this becomes a very popular product, I can always add more gemstone and sea glass colors to the bracelet collection.

You'll love how your favorite beach sand looks with these beautiful gemstone and sea glass beads. They are available in 2 sizes. The small/medium size is for wrists that tend to be on the smaller side 7" length or if you like your bracelets tight. The medium/large size is for your typical average wrist size 7.5" length. I can also make them a little larger if you'd like and add a couple of extra beads to fit a wrist size 8". Shop our beach bracelets today and stack them with your other bracelets. It's the perfect way to wear your beach! These beaded bracelets will be your next favorite beach bracelet to wear!

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