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15 year Anniversary

15 year Anniversary

I am celebrating my 15th year in business today and it feels amazing.  I had moments where I definitely didn't think I would make it. You know the saying that goes "If it was easy everyone would be doing it." Running a business has been the hardest thing I have ever done in my life. It's also been the most rewarding as well. You really gotta love what you do to make it work. If you had told me 15 years ago that this business would still be going and thriving I probably would of laughed at you.

I never took this business seriously when I started it. It started as an outlet where I could make jewelry and if I made money doing it then that was great. That was literally the only expectation that I had. I always had that "accounting day job" so I could afford to make jewelry on the weekends and at night. I'd then do a little craft festival and sell the jewelry that I made and make a few bucks. I remember the day that I decided to quit my job and I just went for it. I had just finished putting together a clients financials and I was reviewing the balance sheet. I remember looking at the numbers thinking that my business was much stronger than this one. Isn't that silly? I knew right then that I needed to quit. I told my boss that I was giving my notice and explained my side hustle to him. He literally laughed at me and said I was crazy to quit my job to start making jewelry I remember feeling so insulted. That moment put a fire in me and for the first time instead of doubting everything I did, I finally had the courage to believe in myself.

I quit my job and used all the skills that I had and applied them to my business. I made a business plan, set up my own entity to make it official, I made a budget, created monthly sales goals, all the things that a small business should be doing. I wasn't going to wing it because I had too much at stake. This business needed to support me. I was really good with the business side of things and still am. These things were so important because I never had to take out a loan, I never had to deal with an investor, and I never had to take on a partner. I wasn't going to take on any debt for this.

My business is my life. I love making jewelry and it's always the first thing that I notice when I meet someone. Jewelry is my business. I couldn't be any happier or prouder of this business that I created from nothing. I'm ready for the next 15 years and can't wait to see where I end up with the Beachdashery brand. Hopefully I won't have too many wrinkles by then, but if I do they will be from hard work.

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