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New Product Photos

Last month I got the new iPhone 13 Pro Max, can you tell? AT&T was having a special where if I traded in my iPhone 12, I could get the iPhone 13 Pro Max for free. I'm so happy I did. All iPhone cameras are not created equal. In the early beginnings of my business I used to use this professional Nikon camera for all of my product photography. I'm amazed that all of my product photography can now be done on an iPhone.  This is a low res photo that I uploaded for the sake of my website loading fast, but you should really see the pixels of these new product photos.

I'm ashamed to say that I have belonged to the white background product photo club for about 4 years now. I thought they looked professional until it was brought to my attention recently that it isn't. I do tons of online shopping and none of the products I buy have a white background. There is something about it now that I realize that makes it look so sterile. Beach jewelry is meant to be worn and touched. I'd always post beach jewelry lifestyle shots on Instagram and Facebook, but never my own website for some reason. If I did put them on my website, it was usually a second product photo that most people don't bother even looking at. So I did it, I officially changed all of the beach jewelry product photos. It took two days of my life that I will never get back, but I'm pretty happy with the results. What do you think?

I'm also giving you the finger all over my website. This is a joke, but in all seriousness my finger is in almost every beach jewelry photo I took. Why did I do that? So all of you would know how big and the relative size of the jewelry. I have your typical average finger. You'll never see nail polish on them because of all the acetone I use to clean glass. I hope that you realize that seeing my finger will help you judge how big the jewelry is and gives you a better tangible feel about the jewelry.

All the pretty little backgrounds you see are from objects, shells, and fabric swatches all over my studio. I really was trying to channel my inner Anthropologie vibe on this one. I wanted color for these photos. It's January so I am in desperate need of corals and blues and purples. No more white, I am officially done taking with background product photos. I do know that change is hard for some folks so I still have kept the white photos. They are now however the second photo for the jewelry, not the first. You can definately see the difference between perfect controlled light product photo on a white background versus a photo in real life. I like real life photos. There are no surprises with a real life photo and I can visualize how it would look on me. I bet the next thing I'll be doing is video pretty soon, but I'm still learning. It's hard sometimes keeping up with all the tech stuff, but I try!



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