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Alabama Jewelry

e collected beach sand from the Gulf shores of Alabama to bring you this beautiful beach sand jewelry collection. The beaches in Alabama are an absolute white sand wonder from one end of the short coastline to the other. These pristine Alabama beaches have quartz grains that were washed down thousands of years ago from the Appalachian Mountains. This erosion process helped create some of the finest shorelines in Alabama, otherwise known as the Heart of Dixie. If you've been to any of the beaches in Alabama, they are absolutely beautiful! Stepping into the soft white sand and the warm blue Gulf of Mexico waters are sure to make you dream about your beach moments. Which Alabama beach is your favorite?

The Alabama beaches that we have available for Beach Sand Jewelry are Cotton Bayou Beach, Dauphin Island Beach, Gulf State Park, Gulf Shores, Orange Beach, Romar Beach, and West End Beach. If you don't see your beach, you can always send us your sand from Alabama and we can make you some Custom Beach Sand Jewelry!

We have many different styles of beach sand jewelry available.  Beach Sand Earrings, Beach Sand Bracelets, Beach Sand Necklaces, and Beach Sand Rings are all available to choose from. We have a Classic Jewelry Collection, Artisan Jewelry Collection, and a Bohemian Jewelry Collection. Each piece of our original beach sand jewelry is handmade in Maine. We use quality materials such as stainless steel and sterling silver as well as glass on top of the beach sand. Our beach jewelry using sand is one of the most unique and beautiful ways to wear your Beachdashery Jewelry all year long!

Beachdashery also gives back to non-profit and charitable organizations that protect the oceans and the beaches.  A portion of the proceeds of each purchase help support these organizations. Beachdashery is committed to doing everything we can to support the oceans and the beaches. 

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