Bermuda Beach Sand Jewelry

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Bermuda Beach Sand Jewelry

Pink sand from Bermuda is one of the prettiest beach sand collections I think you will ever see.  The sand is pink because coral, shells, and tiny red organisms under the reef wash up onto the shore.  Eventually the pink and red particles that make up the sand are bleached by the sun and over time fade to white.  If you want to see the prettiest pinkest sand, you would need to go close to the crystal blue water. Please be aware that taking sand from Bermuda is currently illegal.  You are only allowed to purchase the pink sand from authorized souvenir gift shops.  I guess it's one way for the island to help enhance tourism dollars.  It also prevents taking live organisms that you didn't know were in the sand away from their home.

We have 8 classic styles of jewelry to select from using this beach sand.  Choose from a simple sand charm, post earrings, dangle earrings, bangle bracelet, small round pendant, oval pendant, and a large round pendant.  Please refer to the second image for photos and sizing of the jewelry collection. 

All beach sand jewelry includes a hand illustrated card as shown depicting the beach including the name of the beach so you will always know where the sand jewelry comes from.

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