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Beach Sand Jewelry in Open Water Wash

  • $ 10.00

Beach Sand Jewelry in Open Water Wash

Introducing the Color Wash Collection, we can now add color to sand for any of our original beach sand jewelry styles. Open Water is made up of aqua blue, sea foam green, and salt wash white colors. All the colors have been blended with just a bit of sand showing toward the bottom.  Each piece of our Beach Sand Jewelry Color Wash Collection is a little original work of art and handmade just for you.

Instructions for ordering. Browse our beach sand jewelry collection and pick out the beach sand jewelry you'd like to order. Make sure you've added your selection to the cart.  Add this listing to your cart so we know that you'd like the Open Water Color Wash made for the jewelry you selected. Please do not just add this listing ONLY to your cart and checkout, your order will be cancelled.