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Choker Style Necklace

  • $ 40.00

Choker Style Necklace

A dainty beach sand charm sits in the middle of this necklace creating this very stylish choker style necklace. Length of this Choker Style Necklace is approx 16" and can be shortened or lengthened if you'd like.  The Choker Style Necklace is available in two sizes.  The small beach sand charm which is pictured at the top is the size of a dime and is connected by a thin and dainty chain.  The medium beach sand charm pictured at the bottom is the size of a nickel and is connected by a thicker chain.

  • Classic Collection
  • Metal is stainless steel
  • Choker Style Necklace is always lead and nickel free
  • Can be made using our sand or your own beach sand

As always if you are shopping our Choker Style Necklace as a gift for a special someone, gift wrap is available during checkout. Our gift wrap includes a signature jewelry box that includes our branding. We also include a signature note card with an option during checkout for you to leave a note for that special someone. We can also send a blank card to you if you'd like to write your own note. Our Choker Style Necklace make a truly unique and meaningful gift!

Beachdashery is a jewelry line that is inspired by the sand and the sea, founded by Kate. She started making beach sand jewelry back in 2004, the very first person ever in the USA. Kate created sand jewelry because it was different and unique. As a native Floridian and natural born artist, she came up with a way for people to wear their beach and keep their happy place with them always. She believes your jewelry should be original and unique just as you are.

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