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Connecticut Beach Sand Jewelry

Connecticut Beach Sand Jewelry

For such a small state, Connecticut does have it's share of beaches. Connecticut's shoreline along Long Island Sound has some of the best beaches that the state has to offer. As the weather gets warmer for the locals, it seems that no matter where in Connecticut you are, there is more than likely a beach that is only an hour drive away. The beach scene in Connecticut is pretty calm, not too many waves so you will end up seeing more boats than you will surfers. In any event, the beaches are quite peaceful and serene. I do find it ironic that Connecticut is "The Nutmeg State" and the sand from many of the beaches does resemble the shade of nutmeg in some way. I bet you never noticed that before, but you should be aware of it the next time you walk along the shoreline in Connecticut.

The Connecticut beach sand destinations that we currently have available in our Connecticut beach sand jewelry collection are Calf Pasture Beach, Clinton Beach, Hammonassett Beach, Harvey's Beach, Hole in the Wall Beach, Jacobs Beach, Jennings Beach, Shady Beach, Sherwood Island, and Silver Sands Park. In addition to this jewelry collection, you can always send us your own Connecticut beach sand to use for your own beach sand jewelry.

We have many different styles of beach sand jewelry available.  Beach Sand Earrings, Beach Sand Bracelets, Beach Sand Necklaces, and Beach Sand Rings are all available to choose from. We have a Classic Jewelry Collection, Artisan Jewelry Collection, and a Bohemian Jewelry Collection. Each piece of our original beach sand jewelry is handmade in Maine. We use quality materials such as stainless steel and sterling silver as well as glass on top of the beach sand. Our beach jewelry using sand is one of the most unique and beautiful ways to wear your Beachdashery Jewelry all year long!

Beachdashery also gives back to non-profit and charitable organizations that protect the oceans and the beaches.  A portion of the proceeds of each purchase help support these organizations. Beachdashery is committed to doing everything we can to support the oceans and the beaches. 

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