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Southern Most Point Beach in Key West Florida

Southern Most Point Beach in Key West Florida

The Southern Most Point Beach in Key West Florida is my Favorite Beach in this month's Beach Series.

It's always really hard for me to pick a beach for "My Favorite Beach Series" so I thought I would choose this Month's Beach from my memories that go all the way back to my childhood.  When I was younger, our family would travel to Key West Florida each October during the week of the festive local holiday known as Fantasy Fest (just imagine Mardis Gras, the two holidays are very similar).  Our family had a timeshare and we would stay at a place called the Galleon Resort for about a week. Duval Street is one of the main streets in the center of downtown where they have all the great restaurants, unique shopping experiences, and most of the colorful bars that Key West Florida is famously known for. Ernest Hemingway lived there for a reason and it was the inspiration as well as the motivation for a few of his books. The trees and the landscape are absolutely beautiful in Key West Florida and a true tropical paradise.

I feel like time literally stands still when you visit Key West. My favorite moments that I remember fondly as a kid were eating key lime pies, buying conch shells at the local souvenir shop, visiting the 8 and 10 toed cats at the Hemingway House, shopping at Key West Aloe, enjoying the Mallory Square sunsets, and going to the beach. Key West is large, but small enough so you can literally walk and explore most of the island.  Key West Florida also has some of the best deep sea fishing excursions in the area and you'll want to make sure you bring your sea legs. Don't miss your chance to experience some cuban food in Key West either, it's one of my favorite cuisines that I crave!

Key West has a few beaches. My favorite Key West Florida beach is at the Southern Most Point of the island.  It's amazing being at this historic landmark buoy looking over the ocean knowing that Cuba is only 90 miles away.  It's also the best and obligatory photo opportunity that you will have for your entire trip, you just gotta do it. If I ever need a Key West fix and want to see what's going on, I visit the Southern Most Point Webcam which can be found here. It's quite a view especially during hurricane season.  A while back, I collected some sand from the beach at the Southern Most Point Resort and it's been one of my favorites to work with. The sand is so pretty and light in color made up of fine and chunky quartz, coral, and beautiful crushed sea shells. It has a really great texture to it and I always admire the beach sand jewelry that I create using it. The beach sand that I collected at this beach is very special to me. I make jewelry using sand from this beach and package it on a very sentimental card that I designed. I chose to put the historical landmark buoy on the beach sand jewelry card and make the letters of the beach sand jewelry card a lime green to remind me of all the delicious key lime pie I ate over the years. You can see the card and the listing for the Southern Most Point Beach Sand Jewelry here.

If you've never been to Key West, it should be on your list of places to visit.  Jimmy Buffet calls it "Margaritaville" for a reason and one of the funniest signs you will ever see are the ones posted around town that state "ERNEST HEMINGWAY PEED HERE." I wish I was kidding, but I am not. It can be a bit pricey to stay on the island. A great budget alternative if you have a car would be to stay at another place such as Sugarloaf Key in Florida. You can drive over which is about a 15 minute ride on the beautiful historic Route 1 scenic bridge highway.  You might even see a tarpon or two or twelve swimming in the water.  Enjoy making memories at the Southern Most Point Beach in Key West Florida.