*processing time for beach sand jewelry is only 2-3 business days*

Our Mobile Shop SOLD!!

Our Mobile Shop SOLD!!

Our little mobile shop that we used to travel all over New England selling our jewelry ACTUALLY sold a couple of days ago.  I think I'm still on shock because it's one of those things that I was secretly hoping that wouldn't sell.  I just wasn't ready to let go and now I guess I have to be.

I remember back in the beginning how much work it was going to craft festivals and markets and setting up the good old white tent.  It would take hours before each show setting up my little spot on the grass/pavement under the tent.  I was doing so many shows it just made sense to have a mobile shop. Our little Kickstarter campaign helped make that happen for us.  It was so cool and made it so much easier to have that little travel trailer become our mobile shop.  I travelled all over New England with her, she was great...everything I ever wanted and needed.  And then it was great when the business got to move into an actual legit retail space in South Portland.  As our business outgrew that small space, we then moved into a much bigger space in Portland's historic Old Port on Market Street.   The mobile shop just sat patiently next to our house and never moved again....until now.

It is being shipped to Florida where I hope the new buyer will love her and give her a new life.  I will miss her very much! Here's to growing and always moving forward to where life leads you.

Beachdashery Mobile Shop Before


Beachdashery Mobile Shop Summer Tour

Beachdashery Mobile Shop Boston

Beachdashery Mobile Shop Interior

Beachdashery Mobile Shop Exterior

Beachdashery Mobile Shop Goodbye