Lobster Buoys for Days!

August is my favorite month.  It's the peak of the summer season and it's also my birthday month :) August is the month I usually reflect and think about things I could be doing differently or changes I could make...then I start looking at my stuff.  I have ALOT of stuff.  I walk the beach almost everyday and if I think something is cool, I pick it up.  You wouldn't believe some of the things that wash up on the beach.  If you've been in the shop recently, you've seen all the shells and seaglass and buoys and lobster traps and driftwood that I've collected from over the years.  Well I decided to hang some of it up.  Introducing the Beachdashery Buoy Wall.

What do you think?  No, the buoys are not for sale...just something that makes me smile in the shop.