Maine Home Kitchen Remodel

Maine Home Kitchen Remodel

Last summer, my husband and I decided to renovate our Maine kitchen during the Covid pandemic.  We were spending lots of time at home and this was a project that we were going to do eventually so it ended up happening sooner than later. I knew nothing about remodeling kitchens and what kind of kitchen things to buy so I pretty much searched online every night looking at cabinets and sinks and backsplash and flooring and learning the lingo. I gotta say it's really overwhelming. We have a small kitchen so I knew it wasn't going to be a huge production. I also knew that this was a project that was only going to be done once so I wanted to pick out things that weren't trendy, just really good quality and something timeless that I would still love 30 years from now. 

The kitchen we had was original to the house and had never been updated. I think prior tenants painted the cabinets, but that was pretty much it. Our kitchen in Maine was considered very retro circa 1975. I personally didn't like how low the cabinets were and I couldn't fit much underneath them, the formica countertop looked terrible, the linoleum floor was peeling up, no dishwasher, very very dim lighting, and the list goes on. Here are pics of what the kitchen looked like when we bought the house and before we did anything to it.

Maine Kitchen Remodel  Kitchen Renovation Maine

And so begins demo day for the kitchen renovation! We took the cabinet doors off and decided to keep them for any future DIY projects that we might need really good wood for. Everything else in the kitchen was removed and hauled out and taken to our local dump.

Maine Kitchen Project

Pretty empty and with everything taken out, our kitchen is pretty much just a big wide open space with a few pipes coming out of the floor. We had a popcorn ceiling that we scraped off (I really don't recommend doing that. It was the messiest thing I have ever done.) We kept the fridge plugged in so we could still use it.

Maine Kitchen Upper Cabinets

The upper kitchen cabinets went in. They are from Hammond Lumber picked from the Homecrest Cabinet Line. I had contacted 3 other companies and they were the cheapest considering it is solid maple wood. Also, they came in to measure our kitchen and double check my measurements which was wonderful. (I didn't want to be responsible if I didn't measure correctly and screwed it all up.) I chose the color Alpine White because I wanted to make the room and ceiling look higher than it is. I also picked crown molding in the same color for the upper cabinets to make them look more classic too! Crown molding is always in style!

Maine Kitchen Lower Cabinets

The lower cabinets went in. I wanted a different color and preferred something darker. This color is called Cadet Blue which is a really beautiful navy blue. We also had to get a super strong cabinet for the farmhouse sink to go into. We also upgraded and replaced all of our kitchen appliances for more modern stainless steel ones. I LOVE having a double oven, it's wonderful and my favorite appliance!

Maine Kitchen Farmhouse Sink

The one thing I really wanted was a big white farmhouse sink. I think they look so great and it's the show piece of the entire kitchen. This one is the Whitehaven from Kohler and it literally weighs about 300lbs. I think the white really pops against the navy cabinets and it's the focal point for the entire kitchen. Our makeshift countertop was 4 x 8 plywood that I had lying around from my shop space that I wasn't using. The hardware for the cabinets also got installed and I chose to do the same style drawer handle, but in different sizes. It didn't feel right to pick the same size drawer handle for all the cabinets when all the cabinets are different sizes. I read somewhere that drawer handles are "the jewelry of the kitchen" so I chose wisely. Since they are all different sizes, it gives the kitchen a more custom feel to it I think.

 Maine Kitchen Reno Project

Next step was the lighting and we went with recessed lighting. It brightened the room immediately. Our custom quartz countertop from Home Depot got measured and installed. We also had to paint the ceiling after we scraped the popcorn off. Our ceiling took about 4 coats of paint. It was quite the process. We also had an over the range microwave installed above the double oven.

Maine Kitchen Tile

As the paint on the ceiling was drying, the kitchen backsplash and tile floor went in.  I went with a white herringbone pattern because I thought it looked classic. I love subway tile, but I can tell it's a fad that is on it's way out very soon. The tile for the floor is a bit unique. I love the style of moroccan floors and it was really hard to find moroccan style tile that didn't look like a flower or a snowflake. It was also hard to find a printed design that was solid and didn't look like it was dirty and partally rubbed off (I think they call it vintage style). I found this tile at Wayfair and it was a splurge. I love it and wouldn't change it at all.

Maine Home Kitchen Remodel

This is the finished kitchen. After looking at the before pic, it's incredible how much better it looks. I love it and it's now one of my favorite rooms. One of my new hobbies now is learning how to cook like an adult. I can cook basic things and follow recipes, but I'm really learning to try new things and make special meals that I would ordinarily order in a restaurant. 

If you are curious about where to buy the materials that we used for our kitchen remodel, the links for the renovation can be found below. This was a very affordable kitchen remodel just under $20K including labor. I had visited a kitchen showroom here in Maine and they had quoted me $70K for everything I wanted. Since this is generally a more expensive room to renovate, I purchased most things on sale, used coupons, and bundled appliances to save some money and it determined what I purchased. 

  1. Kitchen Cabinets - Homecrest Kitchen Cabinets
  2. Farmhouse Sink - Kohler Whitehaven Sink
  3. Kitchen Faucet - Brushed Nickel BioBidet Flow Motion
  4. Refrigerator - Whirlpool Refrigerator
  5. Oven - LG Double Electric Oven
  6. Dishwasher - Whirlpool Dishwasher
  7. Microwave - LG Over the Range Microwave
  8. Countertop - Quartz Countertop
  9. Cabinet Hardware - Stainless Steel Drawer Pulls
  10. Backsplash - White Herringbone Tile
  11. Flooring - Wayfair Ceramic Tile