Earth Day is April 22nd!

It's been a long winter, but I can slowly feel the weather getting warmer and the snow melting away.  April is one of my favorite months because it means that the chance of another snowstorm is pretty much over.  I officially made it through another winter in Maine, whoo hoo!  As a Florida girl at heart, I can't tell you how much that means.

Another reason to love April is Earth Day.  Earth Day is one of the best days of the year because it's a day to support and help protect the planet.  Everyone can get involved and do something.  You don't need to join an organization or spend time finding an event to join if that's not your thing.  You can simply take a 5 minute walk and pick up a piece of trash that shouldn't be on the ground.  Take a walk on the beach, on the sidewalk, in the woods, anywhere you want.  If each and every person did this, the planet would be looking pretty good.  It takes one person, one action, that's it.  I hope you enjoy Earth Day and have fun celebrating this planet we all live on together!

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