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We just returned from Columbia and had an absolutely great time.  Amazing beaches, perfect weather, delicious food, what more could you ask for when you go on vacation.  Here are a few Beachdashery recommendations if you ever plan on taking a trip to Columbia.

Cartegena is stunning.  The historic part of the walled city is incredible and worth going to.  Almost all of the buildings have huge doors with very large door knockers displayed on the front.  Apparently back in the day, the door knockers used to symbolize what the family did for a living years ago.  A fish door knocker symbolized that the family were fisherman, lion door knockers were teachers, lizard door knockers were royalty, and so forth.  It's a pretty cool culture.  Here are a few pictures of some door knockers that I saw.

Santa Marta is a cool little place on the coast that reminds me of a typical port city.  Pedestrian safe walkways, shops and restaurants are all lit up at night.  My take away from this city was the beach.  In the distance, you can spot a coal factory mining in the mountains.  A residual effect of that is the coal powder washing up on the beach turning the sand black.  Another take away is a fruit called lulo.  Imagine eating a pineapple and a lemon at the same time, there you go.

The highlight of the trip was traveling to Providencia.  It's an island off the coast that is very hard to get to.  One of the benefits of being hard to get to is that it is stuck in time.  Picture Ernest Hemingway walking down the street.  In order to get to this island, you need to take a plane from Cartegena to San Andreas Island (a columbian duty free Miami).  From San Andreas Island, you have two options, a short plane ride that is booked in advance and only leaves the island twice a day or you can take the catamaran (aka Barf Boat) that is a 4 hour trip in rolling waves the whole time.  

Providencia is slow, clean, with the most beautiful beaches I've ever seen in my life.  Pirate Morgan used to occupy the island a very long time. The locals love Johnny Depp, think Bob Marley is god, and truly believe they are all descendants of pirates.  If you ever get the opportunity to travel here, you won't be disappointed.

Arriving back in San Andreas, if you can get away from the boardwalk tourism and venture around the island, you'll run into the Blow Hole attraction on the opposite side.  It's a natural phenomenom where a huge spread of waves roll into this rock cave formation and all the air it brings with it, shoots up through this hole in the rock.  Kinda cool if you hang out for 5 - 10 minutes.

Here are a few more photos of our trip for you to enjoy.  I am anxiously awaiting to plan our next trip abroad, stay tuned.

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