Beachdashery now makes Candles!

Maine Made Candles Beachdashery I am very happy and excited to announce that we now make candles. I have been researching and making candles for the last year. I can honestly say that candle making is not as easy as you would think it would be. I wanted to make a candle line for our gift shop in Portland Maine. There are other candle companies that I could of carried instead, but I just didn't like the scents and the branding. Some of the Maine Made candles that I tested smelled great in the jar, but didn't have a fragrance as soon as I lit it. It was pretty disappointing. So began my research into candle making. I ordered fragrance oils, jars, soy wax, wicks, everything you would need to make a candle. I melted the soy wax, added the fragrance oil, poured my concoction into a jar with a wick in it and let it cool. It was awesome and I felt like I was a candle scientist! The candle cooled and I waited a few days for it to cure. After a week, I lit the wick so excited that I actually made a candle. My excitement went away after 10 minutes. Everything was perfect, but the candle had no fragrance once it was lit (this is called a hot throw). I was disappointed. After months of research I learned that soy wax is known for not having a strong "hot throw". I quickly learned that other waxes however do. One of these waxes is coconut wax (don't worry, it doesn't smell like coconuts). The problem is you can't really make a candle out of just coconut wax because it's really really soft. However if you mix soy wax and coconut wax together, it becomes the perfect solution for candle making. Both waxes burn clean and are eco friendly, but the coconut wax helps carry the fragrance of the candle while the soy keeps the candle solid and firm (not soft). So after a few more months of making candles and testing candles I can honestly say that I LOVE our new candle collection. I hope that you do too! Our candles are available for purchase, click here.

Beachdashery Candle Collection

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