Beachdashery Blog - Reboot

I am not a very good blogger.  I can easily think of so many other things to be doing with my time than blog.  Hmmm....I can make jewelry, work on my website, take photos of my jewelry, travel to any beach and collect many other things. I'd rather chose any of those options than blogging any day of the week.  I've even thought about getting rid of this blog altogether.  If I'm not going to blog than why bother having it on the web?

The answer is simple, this blog is a part of me.  I've had this blog for almost 5 years.  It reminds me of an old photo album/diary that I can go through and remember certain parts of my life.  I also look at it as a way to see my growth and how far I've come with my business.  Back in 2009 I started getting on the internet and opened an etsy shop, flickr account, another blog, and a trunkt account.  (I even had my linesheets printed on heavy card stock paper that I gave out to shops, no joke.)  I remember being so embarrassed by the posts and photos that I had of my jewelry on the web. As I looked back at everything in 2012, I tried deleting and getting rid of as many things as I could.  It didn't matter, the internet keeps everything anyways once you post it.  I soon got over it and just accepted that it was a part of me.  Once you post something on the web, it's forever in the web archives.

So now I think if this blog is going to stay on the web than why not make it a really good blog?  Will I really put the time in and make blogging a priority in 2017?  The answer is pretty simple and easy, yes.  I'll share much more of my life and my jewelry business with you.  Who knows, maybe I'll even write a book some day and this blog can help me condition my writing style.  We shall see :)