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Beach Candles

New Product - Beach Candles

Sooner or later, this was bound to happen. I love candles, especially beach candles. I have a beach brand so why am I not making beach candles? Hmmm...good question. I sat down with a piece of paper and began making a list of every beach scent that I wanted to make. Sun tan lotion fragrance, yes please! A clean and fresh salt air fragrance filling up my home, does it get better than this? I came up with over 20 beach candle scents that I think would be perfect for anyone who loves the beach and all things coastal. Trust me, you are going to LOVE them!

The most important part of the candle making process was choosing the right kind of wax. I found coconut wax and thought it would be perfect to use. Unfortunately as I did more research about it, it wasn't a good choice to use for a long burning candle. It also burns at a very high temperature so any fragrance you add to it doesn't hold well. I choose soy wax because it's a tried and true candle wax and let's face it, anything is better than the toxic fumes and chemicals found in paraffin wax. The second most important part of the candle making process was choosing the vessels. I am a collector so I really like things that are mix and match. I knew that I wanted the candles to be all different and unique, but still look like a collection when you grouped them all together. I chose different sizes and colors to mix it up. I love the scent of suntan lotion, but not everyone wants to commit to a 80 hour candle burn time. I also came up with golden tins that are the perfect smaller size to give as gifts. 

My favorite part during this whole entire process has been coming up with the names for each candle fragrance and designing labels that fit each scent. I was born to be a graphic designer and I nailed it with these beach candles. Who doesn't want a candle named Sea Glass Drift with top notes of salty sea mist and melon that are combined to create this clean and fresh scent?

I live in Maine so beach candles are a must have. I need candles that remind me of the beach in the middle of winter when the world outside is a frozen tundra. Don't get me wrong. I think freshly fallen snow is very pretty, but dirty frozen chunks of ice and snow piled up from snow plows is not. I love all of these beach scents. I can't wait to be under a blanket reading the latest book from my book club enjoying all the beach scents in my home. Starting today you can shop the new beach candle collection. I have our new beach candle collection piled up in the Old Port retail shop and have them all listed online as well. Check them out and pick your next favorite fragrance.


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